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Thank you very much!!!

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     I've had my YouTube channel for maybe three years, and though I've taken several long breaks from it, I still have worked hard to create as much quality entertainment as I could. I realized that I'm at my 99th YouTube video (excluding videos that I didn't like and made private) and it makes me kinda sad that with all the work I've put in to doing this, I've only managed to rake up 46 subscribers. I'm also a minor so I cannot pay for advertisements and such (Who would want to spend money on that anyway?). Are there any good ways to get myself known to the public??

(My videos go from pet vlogs to PVP animations, and Speedpaints, to instrument and vocal covers of famous songs)
Zoey painting Progression by DexterAnodyne
Zoey painting Progression
I don't know what to type into these descriptions anymore lol
I've been bullied at school a lot, but it's stopped since I've made a lot of friends. I need my friends to help me control bullies, so I try to talk to them and hang out with them as much as I can. But then there's my boyfriend who is homeschooled, and he only has two friends and I hate them. They're a bad influence on him, they put him in bad situations, and they just get in the way of our time together.
We both always argue about each other's friends and when I wanted him to choose me over his friend, he almost broke up with me and said I was being annoying. I know its not fair for me to have friends and to force him to only have me, but i have a low self esteem and I'm easily depressed and when he chooses other things over me, I freak out. This is the longest relationship I've been in and I'm just expecting him to give up on me like everybody else did. Im a debby downer and I'm always pissed off or something unless we're together so I can see why he'd fall out of love with me. I have a bad home life, I'm bullied at school, plus I have that anxiety and depression stuff so there's a lot going on that just gives me a bad personality.
I want to show him I love and appreciate him but I don't know how to. I tell him I love him so much and I always try to be sweet to him but after a while, words don't mean anything anymore. And he's the same way with me. Both of us have only dated cheaters and liars so words are just words now. I can't give him gifts, he already had everything he wants, and I don't have money. I want to love I'm by giving him the space and freedom he wants but that just makes me feel worse cause I feel unloved and we'll end up fighting Over everything he does.
I've tried telling Him my feelings but he thinks I'm trying to make him feel bad for me and stuff. I've told him about my anxiety and depression and my low self esteem. I told him that I always wonder why he likes me and it hurts his feelings that I say stuff like that. It doesn't work anymore and he said that all of my negativity pushes him away, and I know it does, but that's really how I feel. I don't know what to do anymore and neither does he.
I have a lot of problems.
Anxiety, depression, a broken home, no friends, Im pretty much a loner.
The only person I really talk to is my boyfriend and sometimes I have these moments where my anxiety and depression get the best of me and I get all worked up for all kinds of tiny reasons and it happens a lot. My boyfriend gets annoyed about it.
I already know I'm being ridiculous, I can't help it, all I've asked for was for him to tell me he loves me and tell me I'm special and all those nice things but he just makes me feel worse. He doesn't get it. He doesn't know how it feels. I know I'm being impossible but I would feel much better if he would just get it in his head that the cure is to show me he loves me. But he doesnt understand and he keeps fighting me over all this stuff. We both feel unloved and I dont know what to do. I love him so much, I'm not going to break up with him but I know he's getting sick of my shit and I am too. But Ive told him what I need in order to feel better and I don't know, maybe he's just given up trying to be sweet anymore. 
There's no way for me to get therapy, the dcfs agent told my mom to get me some and she still hasn't. I have nobody to talk to except my boyfriend. I have no medication. and I have been a bully victim and its given me a ton of emotional baggage. The school hasn't helped either. I don't know what to do. I made some forum threads before about my domestic abuse situation. That's still going on but this is what's important to me. My boyfriend is my world. I need advice on how to go about fixing this.
Making more friends isn't much of an option. I live in a small town with not a lot of people and I'd rather not confront my anxiety. I've tried making friends, and that stuff just doesn't work in a place like this.

I love you.

                                                                                                                                                :icondexteranodyne:                                                                                                                                                 :iconwiggleplz:

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I can't offer any advice on how to write the rest of the speech, I'm not the greatest at writing them myself. However, I thought what little I do know could help you.
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